Dark Web – Radio Interview

Audio and transcript of my radio interview on AM1100 about the dark web

Audio and transcript of my July 17th, 2017 radio interview about the dark web on the “Need to Know Morning Show” with Steve Hallstrom and Alex Taylor on  AM1100 The Flag, WZFG. You can read more about the Dark Web on my previous post here: What Is The Dark Web? – Weston Henry Transcript of my […]

What is the Dark Web?

The Dark Web is Real

What is the “Dark Web”? Think of an alternate universe that has the Internet but doesn’t have law and order. Where anyone can do anything they want on the Internet without worrying about getting caught. It’s like the evil twin of our current Internet. It actually works as a layer on top of the Internet […]

Fireball Malware Infects 250 Million Computers

Malware hiding a deeper threat

Over 250 million computers worldwide are estimated to be infected by a new malware called Fireball. Fireball takes over browsers and uses them to boost its advertisements. It does this by changing the browser’s default search engine to fake search engines that use Google or Yahoo in the background but include tracking techniques that allow […]

Join Me!

Traction: Intro and Overview

The 100 Executive Events Series Breakfast

June 14, 2017, 8:00am-10:30am

I’m excited to be part of the discussion panel for the upcoming Executive Events Series Breakfast on June 14th, 2017 from 8:00am to 10:30am.

The topic will be “Traction: Intro and Overview”

The other members of the panel are:

  • Roger Christianson, President of Christiansons
  • Brady Nash, CEO of BNG
  • Kent Satrang, CEO Petro Serve USA

The panel will be moderated by Harlan Goerger, President of Ask HG and CEO Solutions.

I’m honored and excited to be sharing in the discussion with these experts and successful business leaders.

The topic of “Traction” is one I’m passionate about because (more…)

Date: June 14, 2017
Time: 08:00-10:30
Event: The 100 - Executive Events Series Breakfast
Topic: Traction: Intro and Overview
Sponsor: The 100
Venue: Avalon Events Center
Location: 2525 9th Ave South
Fargo, ND 58103
Public: Public
Registration: Click here to register.

Windows 10 Now On 500 Million Active Devices

Microsoft Windows 10 now runs on over 500 million active devices.

In an announcement at Build 2017, Microsoft announced that Windows 10 adoption has surpassed 500 million active devices.

That’s quite a milestone. In fact, Microsoft corporate vice president Yusuf Mehdi recently told Bloomberg that “Windows 10 is the fastest corporate adoption we have ever seen before”.

– Weston Henry



Build 2017

Backup Log

Simple tool to ensure your backups are working

I’ve created a backup log worksheet on the Small Business IT Plan website. This backup log gives you an easy way to keep track of the success or failure of your backups so that you can guarantee you know if your backups are working or not. If there are problems, using this backup log will help […]

Windows 10 S – What You Need to Know

Is Windows 10 S right for you at home, school, or business?

Windows 10S – What is it? Microsoft released a new version of Windows 10, called Windows 10 S, on May 2nd, 2017. Windows 10 S is a scaled-down version of Windows 10. If you’re familiar with Chromebooks, it’s easiest to think of Windows 10 S devices as similar to Chromebooks but using Windows 10 and […]

Data Loss Prevention Questionnaire

Ensure everyone is on the same page regarding your backup solution

I’ve uploaded a data loss prevention questionnaire on the Small Business IT Plan website. This questionnaire will enable you to identify the categories of data in your network, ensure you have a solid backup solution in place, and guarantee you meet your business’ requirements for backup and data recovery. You can get the questionnaire in […]