OneDrive: Secret, totally-free way to get Microsoft Office legally on any device

If you’re not using Microsoft OneDrive, I think you should be. Why, you ask? Microsoft OneDrive is a cloud-storage and application service that gives you: Online cloud storage Automatic backup of your PC documents Cloud access to your documents from anywhere you are Ability to edit Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) files from anywhere […]

IT Myth #1 – My business is small, so I don’t need to worry about security

I’ve heard variations of sentiments like these way too many times: “I don’t need to worry about security because my business is too small for hackers to go after” “Hackers wouldn’t even bother breaking into my network, they’d rather go after big companies” “I don’t have anything of value to hackers so there’s no reason […]

One Man vs The World: Why small business IT is so difficult to get right

One reason that small business IT is such a challenge is the expectations that business owners have of their IT people. Many small businesses have 1 IT person. Sometimes that person is part-time or has other duties. Often, IT isn’t even their primary role but just something they just got thrust into because no one […]