IT Myth #2 – IT is only an expense. The less I spend, the better

This myth is also a self-fulfilling prophecy.

If you believe that IT is just an expense and you should spend as absolutely little on IT as possible, you’re right.

But if you believe that IT is a tool and it can be leveraged to your advantage, you’re also right.

You see, it depends on how you treat IT. If you treat it like an expense and try to spend as little as possible. Then IT will be just an expense for you. Your attitude and cheapness will prevent your IT from being any good so it won’t be possible to leverage technology to improve your business.

Think of it this way. If you see your car as only an expense and spend as little as possible on it, that means you’ll likely be driving an old car with high miles and doing no maintenance on it. What would that cause?

Old means you’ll be going without many of the conveniences and safety features of a newer car. No GPS, no anti-lock brakes, no airbags, no traction control. It won’t be as comfortable or as safe.

High miles means it’ll be worn out and won’t be operating as well as it did when it was new. It’ll have a lot more wiggles, wobbles, clunks, and squeaks.

And no maintenance means it’ll be likely to break down. Usually when you least expect and can’t afford it to.
When it comes to your car, you probably understand that a newer car has benefits over an older car (comfort, safety, etc.) and that low miles also has benefits (higher reliability, smoother operation) and that maintenance is important to care for your car (prevent breakdowns, increase reliability, protect your investment).

IT is the same way. If you treat IT as a tool to be leveraged to improve your business, that’s exactly what it can be.

Technology can improve the efficiency of your staff and it can automate processes to save time, reduce errors, and provide consistency and scale that is very expensive to achieve with manual labor.

For most businesses staff is the biggest expense. What if you could cut your payroll by 10%, how much could that save every year? Or, what if you could get 10% more revenue without having to raise payroll?

If you leverage technology to make your staff 10% more efficient you’d free up 10% capacity to grow without raising payroll costs.
Computers that work well, efficient ways to store and retrieve information, workflows that make tasks easier, processes that are smooth and efficient, mobile access to enable working faster, well-trained staff to work smarter, and automation that saves time are all ways that technology can make your staff more efficient, your business more profitable, and your life easier.

If you treat IT as just an expense, that’s all it’ll ever be for you.

But if you treat technology as a tool and leverage it to make your business better, you can make your business better AND more profitable.

–  Weston Henry


How could your business be more efficient?

What would you do if your staff were 10% more efficient?

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