#1 Reason small business technology is ineffective

Most small businesses don’t have effective IT. The IT that they do have is a hodge-podge of technologies, a mish-mash of computers, a lot of out-of-date practices, and a smattering of the technology-du-jour all held together with a heavy dose of superstition (“We don’t want to change that. Last time we did, everything broke.”)

The main reason technology isn’t effective for small businesses is that they lack a plan. There’s no vision for what IT should be doing to improve the business. There’s no strategy to guide decisions and create cohesion.

If your business technology isn’t guided by a plan, it’s likely you fall into these same traps.

Without a plan, you’re unlikely to have cohesive technology. Without a plan, most businesses end up buying whatever is cheapest, or whatever seems like a “good deal” at the time.

Being inconsistent with your technology means you’ll face more problems because each different kind will bring its own problems, needs, and challenges. Southwest Airlines standardizes on 737 for all its aircraft because that consistency increases efficiency and reduces costs. A hodge-podge of tech will be more expensive.

If your buying is driven by finding whatever the cheapest solution is at the time, all your tech will end up being a mish-mash with no consistency. Cheapest is rarely best.

A better way is to have a plan. A good technology plan will guide your decisions and hold your technology together.

Business IT has many moving parts. There’s PCs, servers, user control, networks, switches, routers, applications, security, printers, cloud services, mobile devices, and tons of techie stuff like DNS, DHCP, Group Policy, Active Directory, and many more.

You need an overall plan to ensure everything works well together. Putting together business IT without a plan is like having a car built with random parts from the salvage yard – you can get it to work, but it’s not likely to be pretty, efficient, reliable, or make you happy

– Weston Henry


Does your business have an IT plan?

Does it make sense to have an IT plan?

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