Why You Should Be Filtering Web Content

In today’s society, you simply have to filter web content on your network.

The risks of lawsuit, the cost of payroll, and the threat of virus and malware combine to mean it’s not an option.

If you aren’t filtering web content, you’re asking for trouble.

Let’s start with the simplest one: the cost of payroll. Letting your staff access any and every site they want without limitation is begging for abuse. Without even trying it’s so easy to get distracted by sites like Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and countless others and before you know it a half-hour or more has flown by.

You’re being naïve if you think it doesn’t happen in your company. If you aren’t blocking those sites, I guarantee you it has happened that your staff has gotten distracted on sites like those and ended up wasting time while they were working. Probably way more often than you want to believe.

What is that costing you?

The second reason you should be filtering content is to help protect against malicious software attacks like viruses, trojans, and ransomware. Filtering content can help reduce the likelihood of falling victim to these kinds of attacks.

Falling victim to attacks like those can be costly and disruptive and you definitely don’t want that.

The final reason I’ll give for why you should be filtering web content is because of the risk of lawsuit. Imagine someone harassing or threatening a co-worker and using or blaming websites they accessed at your business. It might be possible for the business to be sued for not preventing access to the contributing websites.

Not only do you want to avoid a lawsuit, you don’t want to allow access to any sites which could contribute to threats or harassment of anyone in your company.

Now think about what would happen if one of your staff did someone illegal online while at work and it could have been prevented if you had blocked inappropriate web sites.

Again, this could open you up to potential lawsuit. And even if you don’t get sued, you could face some very negative publicity if the story spreads.

It should be clear that blocking inappropriate sites and filtering web content is not only a smart idea, it’s very important for the efficiency and protection of your business.

– Weston Henry


Why don’t you enable website blocking / content filtering today?

Are there any other reasons you should be filtering web content? Are there any reasons you shouldn’t be blocking inappropriate sites and filtering content?

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