Internet Attack Affects Amazon, Netflix, Twitter, And More

A major Internet attack today (2016-10-21) affected popular Internet sites like Amazon, Netflix, Twitter, and more.

The attack was a “distributed denial of service” (DDoS) attack, where a large number of devices, typically a botnet, are used to flood the targets with Internet traffic. The flood of traffic overwhelms the capacity of the targets and disrupts them to the point they are unable to respond to the real data.

It’s believed to have been trigged by a program called Mirai which makes it easy to infect online devices and use them to create a botnet that can launch DDoS attacks like this one.

What’s really scary is that it doesn’t even take a skilled hacker to use Mirai and tools like it to infect large numbers of devices, create botnets, and then use them in attacks.

I posted about the dangers of these unsecured devices previously [See: Internet Devices Get Hacked Too ] and how the problem is going to grow exponentially as more and more devices become Internet enabled. The growing Internet of Things (IoT) could become the Internet of Threats instead if they can’t be secured better in the future.

Anyone who owns Internet connected devices, whether at home or at work, must take responsibility for keeping them secure. Because if your devices get hacked, it doesn’t just affect you. Your hacked devices are then used to hack others or launch attacks like the one today.

When it comes to device (and network security), if you aren’t part of the solution, you’re part of the problem. Your unsecured, unprotected devices could become the Internet footsoldiers for some bad person’s botnet army.

– Weston Henry

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Should people face consequences if their hacked devices are used in an attack like this?

How do we spread the word that security has to be taken seriously by everyone for every device?

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