Data Loss Prevention – IT Priority Number 1

Data loss prevention is the number one priority for small business IT.

What is “data loss prevention” and why is it so important?

Data loss prevention is the tools, technologies, and processes that you use to make sure that your business never loses any data it doesn’t want to.

Data loss does not just refer to the data going missing, it also includes things like: users deleting files they shouldn’t; data and files getting corrupted; writing bad data over your good data; hackers messing with your data; viruses, malware, and crypto-ware infecting your data; hard drives crashing; servers crashing; and any other situation that would result in the loss, destruction, corruption, degradation, or tampering of your data.

The reason it’s so important is because without it your business runs the risk of losing critical data – data that you can’t function without. I’ve seen statistics that say 80+% of businesses that lose their critical data go out of business within 1 year.

On the other hand, if your business data is protected well, that is if you have effective data loss prevention practices, then you can recover from any of those situations.

Staff accidentally deletes files or data? Just restore from backup.

Software bug corrupts your data? You can restore from backup.

You get where this is going… Whatever happens, you can restore the data.

Imagine if there is a critical reason you need access to important data. Perhaps there’s an important deadline coming up and you just have to get access to your critical data.

If your computer breaks, you can use a different one or buy a new one.

If your network is down, you can still find a way to access the data. (There’s always a way if it’s important enough.)

If the Internet is out, you can take the data offsite to work.

If the printer is broken, you can prepare your work and then take it home or to the copy shop to print it out.

If you find out hackers have gotten into your network or the data is corrupt, you can restore from backup.

The list goes on… My point is that as long as you have good, secure, correct data there is always a way to get to it and get work done.
On the other hand, if you don’t have good data loss protection and you end up losing data, it can be very painful or even impossible to get it all back.

The “I” in IT stands for “information”. Information, data, is the primary function of most networks and most IT.

If you don’t protect your information, you’re not really protecting your network.

– Weston Henry


What’s more important in IT than protecting your business data?

Have you defined your data loss prevention plan?

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