iPhone 7 Speed Problem On Verizon

News sites like Bloomberg, Fox News, Gizmodo, and ARS Technica are reporting that the iPhone 7 is not as fast as it should be on Verizon.

Claims are being made that Apple is purposefully limiting the speed on Verizon to match the speed of the device on other carriers such as AT&T. Others are claiming that it’s more likely the result of Apple not enabling all the features of the data chipset for the Verizon models.

When testers compared the speed of a Galaxy S7 to that of an iPhone 7, the Galaxy S7 won easily even though both phones use the same Qualcomm chip for data communications.

See the speed test graph on Gizmodo.

– Weston Henry


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Are you an iPhone 7 owner on Verizon? How do you feel knowing that you’re not able to benefit from all the speed available to you?

Should phone manufacturers have to tell you if they don’t support the full speed of your mobile data provider?

Are you less likely to choose an iPhone 7 now that you know about this speed issue?