Remembering If I Locked My Car (Life Hack)

Throughout the course of some very busy weeks recently, I’ve found myself trying to remember if I locked my car or not. Typically this happens to me when I’m at an event or in a meeting and I find myself stressing over whether or not my car is locked.

It’s gotten to the point where I’ve left the restaurant in the middle of meal because it was bothering me so much.

When I go back to check on my car, inevitably I find that it’s safe and secure, locked up tight.

I realized what was happening. Locking my car had become so habitual that I was doing it unconsciously. While I was thinking about what I would be doing next (walking in to a meeting, enjoying a meal, etc.) the subconscious part of my brain would automatically lock my car without me having to think about it.

So now, every time I lock my car I say to myself, “I locked my car at Walmart” or wherever I’m at.

Because I have to consciously change the sentence to add in my location it forces me to be just conscious enough about the process that I remember it and know it’s done.

Now I never have to interrupt a meal or lose focus in a meeting because I’m wondering if I remembered to lock my car or not.

– Weston Henry