Save Money, End Shrinkage: Loss Prevention Made Easy (Amazon, 2013)

Shrinkage, loss, theft – the reality is whatever you call it, shrinkage is a problem for many businesses and it doesn’t go away by itself. You could be losing thousands of dollars to shrinkage without even knowing it. And if you don’t do something about it, the problem will likely get worse!

This book is filled with proven, practical strategies that reduce shrinkage and boost your bottom line. Starting with an inside out approach, the strategies in this book will help you protect your business, products, and inventory and reduce and prevent the shrinkage that costs businesses millions of dollars every year.

Using the strategies in this book, you will be able to easily create a layered approach to prevent shrinkage that works like the layers of a bullet-proof vest to protect your business. Get employees, technology, policies, and human nature all working for you to cut shrinkage and protect your business.

This is the first book I published.

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Published: March 2013