Windows 10 Running on ARM Processor with x86 Support

This is a very techie message, but I’m super excited about Windows 10 running on ARM with x86 support.

Microsoft demoed Windows 10 on ARM with the x86 support at the recent Build 2017 conference.

Here is a video from Channel 9:

The implications for this are huge!

Think about smaller, lower-power devices running Windows 10 but still being able to run legacy x86 applications if needed.

One of my first thoughts is that Windows Phones would be able to run legacy x86 applications if you needed. (I’m still a die-hard Windows Phone fan.)

But more realistically we’re likely to see a new wave of devices built with ARM processors running Windows 10 that are geared to being light and energy efficient (think iPad mini-like devices) but that can also run standard Windows x86 applications.

Also new categories of devices like HoloLens can run on ARM but still have access to legacy Windows 10 x86 applications if needed.

Being able to run on ARM means new Windows 10 devices can be lighter, have better battery life, and generate less heat compared to devices that use Intel processors.

I’m super excited to see where this goes!

– Weston Henry

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