Genetic Engineering Will Completely Change Humanity In 4 Generations (Futurist Series)

How will society handle the genetic revolution?

In this post I will make predictions about the future. It’s part of an ongoing series of articles relating to my predictions of the future as I see it. Genetic engineering is the process of changing genetics (even modifying DNA) for the purpose of changing the properties of a living organism. Genetic Engineering In the […]

Cybersecurity: Battles Of Our Future (Futurist Series)

New forms of cyberattack will emerge in the near future

Looking back at the evolution of cyber attacks, it’s clear that the nature of cyber attacks are changing and getting more sophisticated. I am confident that cyber attacks will continue to increase, continue to grow more sophisticated, and continue to exploit new ways to profit from cyber crime. Here are my predictions for some of […]

The Future of Cyber Attacks