Backup Log

Simple tool to ensure your backups are working

I’ve created a backup log worksheet on the Small Business IT Plan website. This backup log gives you an easy way to keep track of the success or failure of your backups so that you can guarantee you know if your backups are working or not. If there are problems, using this backup log will help […]

Windows 10 S – What You Need to Know

Is Windows 10 S right for you at home, school, or business?

Windows 10S – What is it? Microsoft released a new version of Windows 10, called Windows 10 S, on May 2nd, 2017. Windows 10 S is a scaled-down version of Windows 10. If you’re familiar with Chromebooks, it’s easiest to think of Windows 10 S devices as similar to Chromebooks but using Windows 10 and […]

Data Loss Prevention Questionnaire

Ensure everyone is on the same page regarding your backup solution

I’ve uploaded a data loss prevention questionnaire on the Small Business IT Plan website. This questionnaire will enable you to identify the categories of data in your network, ensure you have a solid backup solution in place, and guarantee you meet your business’ requirements for backup and data recovery. You can get the questionnaire in […]

What Is A Botnet?

And why you should care

Lately there has been a growing concern of botnets fueled by an increasing number of botnet-related articles in the news. The concern is valid as all signs point to botnets growing in number, size, and sophistication. The botnet threat isn’t likely to go away anytime soon and it’s probably going to get worse before it […]

Internet Attack Affects Amazon, Netflix, Twitter, And More

A major Internet attack today (2016-10-21) affected popular Internet sites like Amazon, Netflix, Twitter, and more. The attack was a “distributed denial of service” (DDoS) attack, where a large number of devices, typically a botnet, are used to flood the targets with Internet traffic. The flood of traffic overwhelms the capacity of the targets and […]

Security Breaches Of 2.2 Billion Records So Far in 2016

Digital Trends has an article about a recent security breach that resulted in the loss of 58 million personal records. As if that’s not bad enough, the article claims nearly 3,000 reported security breaches so far in 2016 of 2.2 billion records. Those numbers are astronomical! And what’s more, it specifically says, “publicly disclosed” attacks. […]

IT Myth #3 – My IT Person Does Everything

This is another common IT myth. I’ve heard it many times, “I have an IT person, he’s got everything under control.” But think about that for a minute. In other complex industries like law or medicine. In those industries, there are generalists and specialists. Why? Because lawyers and doctors understand that they can’t possibly be […]