Dark Web – Radio Interview

Audio and transcript of my radio interview on AM1100 about the dark web

Audio and transcript of my July 17th, 2017 radio interview about the dark web on the “Need to Know Morning Show” with Steve Hallstrom and Alex Taylor on  AM1100 The Flag, WZFG. You can read more about the Dark Web on my previous post here: What Is The Dark Web? – Weston Henry Transcript of my […]

What is the Dark Web?

The Dark Web is Real

What is the “Dark Web”? Think of an alternate universe that has the Internet but doesn’t have law and order. Where anyone can do anything they want on the Internet without worrying about getting caught. It’s like the evil twin of our current Internet. It actually works as a layer on top of the Internet […]

Fireball Malware Infects 250 Million Computers

Malware hiding a deeper threat

Over 250 million computers worldwide are estimated to be infected by a new malware called Fireball. Fireball takes over browsers and uses them to boost its advertisements. It does this by changing the browser’s default search engine to fake search engines that use Google or Yahoo in the background but include tracking techniques that allow […]

Cybersecurity: Battles Of Our Future (Futurist Series)

New forms of cyberattack will emerge in the near future

Looking back at the evolution of cyber attacks, it’s clear that the nature of cyber attacks are changing and getting more sophisticated. I am confident that cyber attacks will continue to increase, continue to grow more sophisticated, and continue to exploit new ways to profit from cyber crime. Here are my predictions for some of […]

The Future of Cyber Attacks

Phishing: What It Is And How Not To Get Caught

Easy steps to stay safe

What is phishing? Phishing is when someone tries to trick you into divulging sensitive information like passwords, bank accounts, etc. Phishing attacks are often conducted via email where the email is made to appear as though it’s coming from someone you trust. Examples of phishing One example of phishing would be if a scammer sends […]

Phishing: Don't get caught by surprise

Breach Announced By Yahoo, One Of The Largest Ever

1 Billion Records Stolen Back In 2013

Yahoo! recently disclosed that it discovered a data breach that occurred back in 2013. Yahoo! said the breach likely resulted in the theft of more than 1 billion data records. Yahoo! says those records contained names, email addresses, and passwords but not financial information. In September of 2016, Yahoo! disclosed that it had been breached by […]

Hackers Create Massive Data Breach At Madison Square Garden

Year-long breach exposed credit card numbers, cardholders names, and more

Hackers compromised five different locations of the Madison Square Garden Company: Madison Square Garden itself, The Theater at MSG, Radio City Music Hall, and Beacon Theater all in New York plus the Chicago Theater in Illinois. At each of those locations, they installed a program that captured payment information data that was routed through their […]

Internet Attack Affects Amazon, Netflix, Twitter, And More

A major Internet attack today (2016-10-21) affected popular Internet sites like Amazon, Netflix, Twitter, and more. The attack was a “distributed denial of service” (DDoS) attack, where a large number of devices, typically a botnet, are used to flood the targets with Internet traffic. The flood of traffic overwhelms the capacity of the targets and […]