Fireball Malware Infects 250 Million Computers

Malware hiding a deeper threat

Over 250 million computers worldwide are estimated to be infected by a new malware called Fireball. Fireball takes over browsers and uses them to boost its advertisements. It does this by changing the browser’s default search engine to fake search engines that use Google or Yahoo in the background but include tracking techniques that allow […]

Windows 10 Now On 500 Million Active Devices

Microsoft Windows 10 now runs on over 500 million active devices.

In an announcement at Build 2017, Microsoft announced that Windows 10 adoption has surpassed 500 million active devices.

That’s quite a milestone. In fact, Microsoft corporate vice president Yusuf Mehdi recently told Bloomberg that “Windows 10 is the fastest corporate adoption we have ever seen before”.

– Weston Henry



Build 2017

Hackers Create Massive Data Breach At Madison Square Garden

Year-long breach exposed credit card numbers, cardholders names, and more

Hackers compromised five different locations of the Madison Square Garden Company: Madison Square Garden itself, The Theater at MSG, Radio City Music Hall, and Beacon Theater all in New York plus the Chicago Theater in Illinois. At each of those locations, they installed a program that captured payment information data that was routed through their […]